School Council

The School Council has an active, vital and on-going role in the Victorian Education system.  Within Statewide guidelines, school councils provide local communities with the forum to determine school policy in a range of education and resource areas.

The main responsibilities of a school council are:

  • representing the school community in the development of the School Charter
  • determining the educational policy, goals and priorities of the school within the framework of the Charter and Statewide guidelines
  • maintaining and improving the school buildings and grounds
  • reporting annually to the school community and Department of School Education
  • making a recommendation to the Directorate of School Education on the appointment of the school principal
  • authorising the employment of non-teaching staff and any staff for short term projects
  • developing the student dress code
  • developing the student code of conduct as part of the School Charter


Our school council has 6 members:

2 elected parent representatives

2 elected Department of Education representatives.

2 Community representatives


Council meetings are held at the school, twice a term. Everyone interested is most welcome to attend.   Elections to School Council are held in March each year if you would like to become involved.